Première Vision

Première Vision commissioned us to create a 2-minute teaser film to be screened at a convention attended by the biggest names in the fashion industry. The goal was to showcase the latest bio-technological innovations and solutions in the fashion industry for the 2024-2025 season. Our film highlights several key themes, including the importance of nature, the sun, "Bio-Craft", Techno-Nature, the impact of time, materiality, textures, organic appearance, alternative materials, and elegance.

Our film also emphasizes the development and importance of nature on Earth, brought about by the power of the sun, a major force in the process of life. We depict the growth of elements of nature intertwined with materials created by humans, seeking to find innovative and functional solutions to continue contributing to the development of the Earth. The film uses CGI, stock footage, and artificial intelligence to capture these themes and create a visually stunning experience for the viewer. The accompanying soundtrack is deliberately positive, conveying a warm and comforting feeling for the future.