Louis Vuitton Book Launch

For Louis Vuitton's book #12 release, we envisioned a short teaser inspired by "L'Envol", a poetic and inspiring ascent into the sky, about the Spirit of Travel by Louis Vuitton through a selection of iconic products. The idea was to extract elements from the experience of the LV Book #12, tying it into a digital realm through the use of animated content, and elevating it using an intriguing and elegant visual storytelling.

We start out with the camera level, looking straight at the horizon. We are in a fantastical space reminiscent of a flooded salt flat. Above this plane of water, the next edition of the Louis Vuitton book is floating in mid-air. As the pages turn slowly, we realize that a digital world lies within the reflection. Diving into the water surface, zooming closer to the book. The camera begins to pull back as the book flips and closes, finally revealing a phone screen and the Louis Vuitton app icon.